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The Second Adam and the New Birth
by M.F. Sadler
Now, in publication for the first time in over a century, The Second Adam and the New Birth is here to challenge and inform an entirely new generation of churchmen and theologians.

Retail:  $21.95
S&R Books Price  $15.00

Holy Bible:  English Standard Version
Thinline TruTone Edition (Charcoal, Celtic Cross Design, Synthetic Leather, Red Letter)


                  Holy Bible:  English Standard Version
          Thinline TruTone Edition (Tan, Diamond Design, Synthetic                          Leather, Red Letter)


The Lord's Service:  The Grace of Covenant Renewal Worship
by Jeffrey J. Meyers (Canon Press)

A practical, pastoral guide to worship in which Jeffrey Meyers (pastor of Providence Reformed Presbyterian Church in St. Louis) makes the case for a covenant renewal service.  This excellent resource contains such chapters as, "The Trinity and Covenant Renewal Worship", "Corporate Rites and Rituals", "The Place of the Minister in the Lord's Service", and "The Ascension Offering Examined".  It has transformed our view of the worship of the Church, and we believe it is a "must read" for all Christians!

Retail:  $21    S&R Books Price:  $18.00

The Federal Vision , edited by Steve Wilkins and Duane Garner (Athanasius Press).  Contributing authors include Steve Wilkins, John Barach, Rich Lusk, Mark Horne, James B. Jordan, Peter Leithart, Steve Schlissel, and Douglas Wilson.  See Athanasius Press for more information on book titles.

Retail: $21.95  S&R Books Price: $13.00

Cantus Christi
[Hardcover] Canon Press

Liturgical culture drives all other expressions of culture. The culture we exhibit in the presence of our gods is the defining element of every culture..The saints of the last two millennia have added their voices to the heavenly chorus, and their music is our inheritance. Some of this inheritance stretches modern ears. It delights in the glories of musical aesthetic depth. With Cantus Christi, we endeavor to recover a small portion of that great heritage.     S&R Price $18.00

Trial and Triumph:  Stories From Church History
[Paperback] by Richard Hannula 

Family stories are so important, and stories from our Church-family may be even more so. In this collection of brief biographies, Hannula sketches the stirring trials and triumphs of many famous and lesser known fathers and mothers of our faith-including Augustine, Charlemagne, Anselm, Luther, Bunyan, and C.S. Lewis. Written for ages 5-12.                S&R Price $15.50


Holy Bible: ESV

The Lord's Service

The Federal Vision

The Second Adam
& the New

Cantus Christi

Trial and Triumph
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